Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday, habits matter to mothers

     Did you know that I am severely depressed?  Just ask my mother and she will tell you all about it.  She has told me all about it.  Don't know how she got this idea, as I am so busy trying to get 100 things done at once.  I have let some of my habits slide the last little while.

     The past two weeks since I came home from eldest daughters house I have been watching a series on Net flix that mother does not approve off.  Yes it is gory and not something I would ever usually watch but I like the story line. This has been an aggravation to her.

     When I came home from daughter's I had a short case of  Vertigo that laid me up for one day and then slowed me down for a few more.  I was careful about how I moved and how I tipped my head.  As in I sat very still when I could find time.  Not much time I will add.

     I did not jump out of bed and immediately get to work running full tilt.  I sort of glided.  I did not do my hair or put on any make-up.  As the day wore on and I was able to keep the dizzy spells at bay I got cleaned up before I went to the studio.

     I also did not work late into the night after dance.  Then we had company this weekend.  It was a busy time.  More people in the house.  Up early cooking, cooking ,cooking.  Mom felt that I should have been more prepared, I should have had a menu. I should have set the table the night before complete with napkins.  I should have known when people were coming over.  I should have, I should have.  I just did not really care.  Not that I was not thrilled to have my company, I just did not think I needed to put out the silver and crystal.  It was a low key thing.

     Sunday afternoon. after cleaning the kitchen and company was all gone, Hubs laid down for a nap and I went down stairs to nap or maybe watch the show mom hates.  I figured she would nap in her room.  Well I was on my second episode when she explodes out of her room with the theory that I am clinically depressed.  (Just what is that anyway?)  I laughed at her which was not the right thing to do.

     These were her reasons.

1.  I was coming downstairs in the morning without my hair and makeup done.
2.  I was watching this horror show in what ever spare time I had which is not much.
3.  I was not working constantly.
4.  I was not getting her doll house on craigslist now!
5.  I had company and she was not the center of my attention.
6.  The list goes on and on and on.

     So yesterday I jumped out of bed and did not leave my room until I was dresses and ready and my room was clean.  Then I went right to the shop without blogging because I had wasted so much time over the weekend not setting the table right or planning menus.

     I am a failure as a daughter.....

Have a great and productive day.

I am going to look up what it means to be clinically depressed.



  1. I am sorry to have laughed at your post but it hits so close to home with me that I called my sister and read the entire thing to her. We would love to have you as a charter member of the "Daughter Failures of North America Inc."
    Mother is not living with either of us, but she lives 2 blocks from me and I can be in her house in 2 minutes (I know because I have timed it) but it is never quick enough. My beloved sister and I are not clinically depressed, but our hair looks funny, we have on the wrong color, we take to long when we are taking care of her business, we don't do whatever she needs us to do timely enough. . .
    I feel what you are living through! Hope it gets better, but from my perspective with Mother it appears to be getting worse.

  2. Honey, it is RARE day that my hair is anything but a pony tail and I hardly ever wear make-up. My attire consists of yoga pants and tank tops, bare feet and usually a grease stain or two. I am not depressed - I just don't give a shit what anyone thinks.

    You do more by 9 am than the marines and I think you should give yourself credit for that. Watching a horror movie during well-deserved down time is your choice.

    You are not a failure as a daughter, not in the slightest. You just cannot live up to the incredibly unrealistic idea of a daughter. None of us can.

    I happen to think you are a rock star!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You're one of the least depressed people I know! Thanks for the laugh, Donna!