Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday, Hell week starts!

     You know I plan and I plan and I plan and then things fall apart and crash and then I have to re plan.  It is exhausting but at least my life is not boring.

     Rehearsal on Friday went well in fact too well again. Scary?  Pulled out the 10 year old set Friday and it is damaged but not beyond repair.  We can cover and fix it pretty easily if I could get into my garage, which I can't because it is still full of cup boards.

     We are very sick of eating cheese and cracker, fruit, cold chicken here.  We have explored the two salad bars in town but that is expensive.  Taco time is okay that also gets old.  Maybe we will all lose weight.

  Yesterday after church I came home and cleaned what house I could find amongst the boxes and mess.  I just could not stand it any more.

     It is cold and rainy everyone else in the house is asleep.  Contractors woke me up, I hope something gets done today.

     Hubs worked almost 40 hours last week at school, which was good because he was out of my hair and too tired to complain about the chaos.

     Today I will be working on costume parts. lots of little projects.  I will get mom to help me I think.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Wow! Good luck with all you have planned today!

  2. I so feel for you. I do not do well in chaos. Hang in there - you get more done every day than you realize.

  3. EEK - how long til the kitchen is done?! You just have way too much to deal with right now. Hope you can stay sane long enough so you can enjoy summer when it arrives!