Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday, Hell week!

  Frustration on how slow I think the kitchen is going.  Snore......  I cannot get my set pieces into the garage until the contractors get the cupboards out.  So that is on hold.   I just think they could move faster.  But I do realize things have to dry and I am impatient.  I am also a worrier.

     Complications at the studio have been rough on me.  Hard decisions had to be made, but I feel good about what I am doing.  So even though things are not perfect I think the outcome will be positive. Working with artists is hard.  We are a flakey bunch and I include myself in that number.  I work harder everyday just to get out the door than most people do.  My (our minds) operate at a different level or speed and not always in normal order.  If you are going to be successful as an Artist you have to control the monkey in your mind and he or she is usually throwing poo all over the place.

     I was able to knock out quite a few costumes yesterday.  We ordered two really pretty chocolate costumes at a closeout price from a reputable dance catalog.  These dancers are really tiny and the costumes came in XXL.  Two of them could have fit into one and still had room.  So I cut them apart and remade two dresses and they turned out beautifully and they love them.  Also had to replace a zipper on a new costume. Made a pattern for licorice costumes (4 of them) and knocked out two. I only have two more licorice whip costumes to finish this morning.  I have some alterations on Gretel's outfit and have to put the woodcutters things together.

     I pulled all the large peasant shirts and several pairs of knickers from the studio.  These all need to be washed and pressed and hung.  Mom is doing that.  She also made all the woodcutter hat's yesterday.  She is very slow now but it is nice to see her busy and excited about still being able to help me.  We used to make 100's of costumes at a time years ago.  Now her sight is so bad she struggles. But she can wash costumes and sort, iron and hang things.  She is in her element bossing me around.

     Mom and I also ran and did a few errands, like go to the bank, pay the studio rent, pay the water bill.  Ran to the studio for a short rehearsal.

     I have plenty of sewing to do in the shop today so I need to get busy.  Can't let the paying work slide.  If you know what I mean.  The shop pays the bills.  

     I wish you guys could have seen my little Candy canes dance yesterday in their new costumes.  I took red basics and sewed stripes at an angle across in white, then put a white ruffle over the top of the bodice, added a red tutu and a sparkly red head bands with white stripes, red and white striped show bows and they were darling and so proud.  Than the blue birds put on their dresses and hair pieces.  It was like a mini recital last night.  These kids work so hard.  My Ballet Mistress does a really good job with them.

Well I am off to the races!

Have a great and productive day!


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