Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday, beginning my new life?

     So I feel like I am in limbo as I begin the thought process that I will no longer own the studio.  I love the relief I feel. Although I will not really have the whole thing out of my hands until September. 

     I woke up this morning without a terrible headache.  I even went through my closet and drawers and got rid of a big bag of old teaching clothes.  I will keep a few sets as I will be teaching one day a week.  So nice to free up space.

     Mom and I put a few things away in the kitchen.  The place is still a wreck.  It really does not look like we  have done anything to try and clean up.  That is discouraging. 

     Hub's and I went to the high school late last night and picked up the last 10 boxes of costumes that were some how left.  That has never happened before.

     I had a customer come last night from Macy's that was leaving for a job interview early this morning.  He needed a suit altered.  Short little man.  So I spent and hour between 8-9 pm cuffing pants, shortening the sleeves of a dress shirt, and the sleeves of a suit jacket.  He was very grateful.

    Mom hub's and I are going to get a Danish this morning and also make another trip to home depot.  I spend a lot of time there these days.  As it is rainy and cold out I will not be working in the yard for awhile.

     I have bills to pay and a desk to clean off, lot's of sewing.  Life will not be boring just a little less hectic.

     I am so happy.

Have a great and productive day!


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