Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday, Life right now......

     I will wedding dress all day today and I would so rather be cleaning the upstairs.  So I made myself a promise that when I was able to get two more dresses ready for try on I could do something else.

     To add to my stress level my younger sister is here with her really cute, but deaf and untrained older dog.  She is going through some bad personal things and has come home to mother.  There is not much I can do for her but give her a soft place to land.  I am so sad for her.  She has always been so strong and I find it very hard to see her like she is right now.  I wish my twin was here.

     Hub's left Saturday morning to help D#2 move out of their apt.  They have purchased a house in Spokane and will close o the 14th of June.  Then back up to help them move everything into that.   Hub's ended up staying over night, I was ready to go to church but Mom was very sick again.  I think the thought that my younger sister was coming and her problems made mom sick.  So I changed into work clothes and proceeded to clean the downstairs really well and also attack the front room.  I worked hard all day still feel like I am living in a jungle.  I still feel behind.  I am hoping that little sis will at least help with mom and give me more time to get caught up.

     Don't you like the illusion that I will get caught up? Or is it delusion? My reality button is broken.

     Have a beautiful Memorial Day!



  1. Have a dog out on the deck and I'll pray you get a new sink soon. 8-)

    1. I thank the lord every day for your friendship. Silly as that may sound I do believe we jumped from the same star. Hang in there.

  2. I hope your sister can help keep your mom entertained and that you guys can help her heal. Coming home to family is a wonderful thing.