Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday, still moving forward.

     So contractors have put in a few cupboards.  I had to hold them firm on design.  I swear things change everyday, but I am pretty easy to work with I think :)  It is such a mess up there I really don't know what is going on most of the time.

     Poor hubs got stuck at the high school yesterday.  He was supposed to come in and check a projector at noon and then realized a load fuse was burned out, so had to fight until 3:30, and then be back at 4.  He called me in a panic, as he had left his light instruction notebook at home  had had nothing to eat and had to be at school until 9 p.m.  So I dashed to Mcd's got a burger a diet coke, grabbed an apple and 3 cookies from home and his beloved notebook dropped them off at the theater on my way to the studio.  He was one tired dude when he got home.

     Yesterday was emotional ups and downs with upcoming changes I hope to implement.  Spent a lot of time on studio things which is to be expected considering we are two days out on the show.   Ballet Mistress is pulling all things to be picked up at about 4:30 and taken to high school to set. Then we will stay and work on it.   

     Our place is such a mess and I am just ignoring it the best I can.  I am going to clean both bedrooms today before I start work in the shop.  Mom seems to be holding up pretty well under the strain.  Maybe even better than me.

     Meeting with my studio cohort for lunch to discuss upcoming (maybe) changes.  Things have been so up in the air that I don't know from day to day what is going to happen and I still am waiting for an ax to fall.

     I am slowly kicking away at the bridesmaid dresses in the shop.  I have 5 more done and today I have to get these stupid cushions sewn up.  I have them finished except for the hand work.  Ugh.

     One day at a time Sweet Jesus.  I mean that with all respect.  I have been praying hard for answers and for insight.  I know that I am sustained and strengthened and that is such a comfort.

I am excited for the show.  I love my kids and can't wait to see them perform.

Have a great and productive day!


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