Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday, what I would love to post.

     I would love to post about a normal day.  How I get up and go through a simple routine, plan my meals, take a long walk,  garden a little, take a bike ride, cook supper, maybe do a little service work then say my prayers and go to bed getting a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep only to wake up and repeat the cycle.  Sigh......

      Will this ever happen?   Maybe in my next life.

     Last night after collapsing on the sofa about 10 p.m. Hub's comes in and barks at me.  "Why don't you ever ride your bike anymore?  When are you going to go on another walk?"  I just started to cry.  I don't cry very often, it just makes me feel stuffy and crappy for two days and accomplishes nothing.

     After all I did nothing yesterday, you all know that right?

     Then he proceeded to go upstairs and steam a little wall paper, he is also steaming wallpaper as I type.  I think he knows he screwed up.  I mean really, just how dumb can one person be?  (Sluggy don't answer that question)

     This morning mom was up washing a chopping rhubarb when I came into the kitchen.   Hub's was on the back deck eating oatmeal. We all sat down and agreed how to set up the back deck to make a make shift kitchen.  We need to clear the back patio so contractor can set up a staining tent. We also needed to clear the back deck area where the back door is so there is plenty of room for tools, saws and contractor labor to move and set up.

     So Mr. Dumber than he looks, ( and he looks pretty dumb)  actually helped.  Every thing is moved to its spot.  I just need to get boxes to arrange things in and put things in the shed and in the garage.  I have china covers to clean out the hutch which is going to a relative.  We actually have two make shift cupboards in the back for dishes, and food stuffs.  With the double canning stove a microwave and the gas grill and a dorm fridge we can survive.  What will I do for Mother's day dinner?  Will worry about that later.

     I have a little house work and organizing to do before I start in my sewing room.  I actually finished the dance for my Celtic girls last night.  It is not clean and still very rough but we have several more hours of practice before the show.

    My mother called me Pollyanna.  I do not think I am a Pollyanna.

Do You?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Go out to eat for Mother's Day! You deserve it!

  2. I agree with Anne. Go out to eat for Mother's Day. You so deserve it!

  3. Wait a minute. How can you be clinically depressed AND be Pollyanna! I smell an oxymoron!