Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday, still seeing white.

  I will wedding dress again all day today.  Yippee!  Mom has a dentist appointment but sis will take her.

     Sis and I cleaned a lot in the back yard yesterday.  She really worked at putting the deck back together.  We had a nice dinner and all crashed to bed.  Hub's is being a pain.  Oh now I am dangling participles again.  His world is tore up he is surrounded by women who won't take his sh^&.  Sad life.  So he is bent on making me miserable.  Today he is at the High School working thank the good Lord.

     I am up and clean and the beds are made the dishes are done in the tub.  I have given up on keeping the bathroom floor clean when I am using it as a kitchen.

     Lot's of projects to do around here, when I get the sewing done.  I bought 5 older beat up comb back Windsor chairs at the Good Will. to paint for the dining room.  Lil Sis thinks I am crazy but she has never been poor and broke and had to make do.  I love making do.  It is a challenge.

     Well the sewing shop is calling.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. No kitchen is a pain. I would resort to all disposable stuff and one dish meals and salads. I am sure your chairs will be nicer than anything you can buy.