Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday, Chaos thy name is Kim

  I am in a Shakespeare mood today, whatever that is.....

    So Hub's illness hit me last night about 3 but actually I am feeling fine right now.   I stayed up late and worked on wedding dresses.  Sent hub's to bed by himself early.  Moving the fridge today that is a pain.  Well not really for me as I only have to move the stuff out and in and that is pretty easy.

Went a grabbed whole lot of stuff for head pieces last night and will have others put them together.

     Must go pick out some stain today also need to sew my little heart out I want to complete at least two wedding dresses today plus other things.

     We were able to get the coda choreographed with the older Celtic girls last night and also the last scene mapped out in counts.  So now we have to cut music.  Well I don't but that will be done soon.

Lot's of irons in the fire,  As usual.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You keep too many irons in the fire. I would be a wreck if I were you

  2. I am amazed... You GO GIRL!