Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday, yikes, no kitchen!

     I feel like I am forgetting something really important but I can't figure out what it is right now.  There is so much going on that I am afraid it will blow up in my face.  So the next two weeks are going to be crazy. I mean more crazy than usual.

    I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  I got to sleep until 11:30 than church, than someone else made my dinner than I came home and took a nap. Watched a movie and then went to bed.  It was a tough day I tell you.

     I have so much to do in the shop, the studio needs costumes and I have to pull the back drop.  I am sure it will have to re refurbished as it is 10 years old.  So I need to make a list of things that need to be done a get them ticked off.

     I was able to get payroll done and the rehearsal on Saturday went pretty well.  Actually it went really well for a rehearsal in the first cut.   I hope that does not bring any bad luck.  I am a firm believer in bad dress rehearsals.

     I had to go outside and make mom's breakfast.  Unplug the pond to plug in the toaster.  Make an English muffin.  Dig through a cooler for orange juice.  I think I will go get her some lunch.

Hub's is quite sick with some kind of intestinal bug, so the master bedroom is torn to shreds.  He was sick all night.  He just went to the store for some meds and backed into a power pole with the truck obviously should not have been driving.  Don't worry just damaged the light he had already damaged hitting mom's car months ago.  We have still not fixed that.  So I have  a real mess here and  I love my life.

    Stay tuned this can't get any better, but it sure can get worse....splat!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I remember well the life with no kitchen. Toaster ovens and coolers - crock pots and a fold up table. I don't ever want to go back. I feel for you!

    As for productive - I am the dictionary definition of! Gettin' it done!

  2. So sorry for the loss of your kitchen, but each crockpot, microwave meal brings you closer to the new kitchen digs!

  3. Wow... We typically enjoy bathroom toast at Christmas-time because all the outlets in the kitchen are busy with crockpots or whatnot...
    I can't imagine having to decide whether to plug in a toaster or a pond...
    My hubs is upstairs being sick right now too. Flu going through our house.