Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday, me loves a Friday.

     Woke up stiff and sore this morning and headachey.  Then realized I had forgotten to take my meds last night.  Funny how quickly the body tells you that you have not given the old thing it's favorite  poison.  But give me an hour I will be right as rain.

   Tomorrow is a big Saturday rehearsal at the studio.  9 to 2  and then I must do a secret shop.  The kitchen and dining room must be completely empty by Monday morning.  So there is a great deal of packing and rearranging to do.

     I did get my quota of sewing done yesterday and also was able to empty the China cabinet.  There is china under every piece of furniture in the front  room.

     I am going to go upstairs and empty the top medicine shelf and two cupboards that just hold baking things that are seldom used, like pie plates and cake pans, Swedish pans, pasta maker, small   mixer etc.

     Then I am going to sew a whole bunch.

Mom and I bought $100.00 worth of groceries last night.  Amazing how expensive things are and we really bought no meat.  Scary.

    I think I have things under control and then I go look at the work remaining and I start to not panic just get weary.  But I know I can do this, one cupboard at a time.  When it is all done I will be so grateful and happy.  Actually I am grateful and happy right now in the process as I never thought it would really happen.

     Must think of something for mother for mother's day.  Hmmmmm.

Have a great and productive day!


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