Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday,I love my mother.

     Repeat above phrase three times.  Took mom and hub's out yesterday with me to get a few things at home depot.  Then spent the next 4 hours looking for mom's purse that she left in a shopping cart.  Really my fault as I should be watching her like a hawk.

     We were able to put everything in the new fridge yesterday now must get old fridge downstairs into garage and swap out with 27 year old second fridge.  Also stove is hooked up.  Still no water.

     Went to studio and watched video of the performance with many of the students.  It was so good and the kids wee great.

     Did not sleep at all last night and I really dislike that.  Don't know what causes it.  Just don't sleep.

     I have to sew today as I got nothing done yesterday but aggravation.

Love my life what can I say.

Oh mom's purse was found untouched by a kind and honest old man.  Thank goodness.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm so sorry your first "day off" from the studio turned out so poorly! Have you tried melatonin to help you sleep? You looked exhausted at the video viewing. Hope tonight brings the sandman. (Have Elizabeth come over and sprinkle you with sleeping dust!)

  2. Well I just thought, "What has mom done now?!" when I saw that post title. lolz

    I fell asleep when I got home from having bloodwork done....so strange, I just fell dead asleep about noon. Can't explain it because I slept well last night. Maybe I am subconsciously trying to avoid my house/life? hehehe

    1. I think that avoiding the house is a great reason to sleep.

  3. Oh dear! This is so familiar and I am sorry you are living it too!

  4. Actually, you or anyone should look in the shopping cart to see if it is empty. Better yet, put the purse in the car first. After I left my purse in a cart twice, I now fling it into the car first.