Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday,Keeping up my stadards...

     Still trying to keep up the old standards, while I sew, clean, tear apart my kitchen, rip wallpaper off walls, okay a TV spot, get posters ordered, order costume parts and pieces, write a script, order flowers for mother-in-laws birthday, teach dance and finish choreography, all while vacuuming in pearls like Donna Reed.

     I also have to pay bills, do payroll, have not had really any good sleep the past two nights, need to find a way to pack up the kitchen, all while checking my lipstick for smudges.

     Mom and I met with a contractor at Home Depot this morning to pick out flooring.  Going with unfinished stock cabinets which are going to be stained a grey soldier blue.  Refused to pick out a back splash or counters.  We found the tile dirt cheap on a close out and I think we can do the same with the back splash as it is the last thing to go in.

     I have a great deal of antique copper and Flow blue china from Sweden it is all very old and that will be my accents. Trying to save money at every turn.  Under mount sink? No they charge $300.00 more to polish the counter top hole.  I would rather put that money into the new oven I really want.  I wanted a bottom freezer fridge, but found a steal of a deal on a side by side.  For $800.00 less than the bottom freezer so I will save there.  It is so hard and my budget is so small.

     In the mean time we left mom for 4 hours last night to drive to Orophino for a retirement dinner for one of Hub's old colleagues.  Mom had put a dozen eggs on to boil, I knew this but thought nothing of it.  I went into her room and told her we were leaving and would be home around 8 p.m.  Other than running out to a store or doing an errand she is seldom alone.  When we got home you could smell burning into the outside of the garage.  The eggs were still on and had exploded all over the kitchen, pan was burned black and egg all over ceiling, floors, you name it!  At least the kitchen is in remodel stage.  The whole house reeks.  So we are not going to ever leave her while she is cooking again.

     I am so tired.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. The eggs. I.just.don' say. Sometimes I wonder if your life is for real! Seriously, you could be the next Erma Bombeck. It goes to show that truth is stranger than fiction. Why do I feel anxious each time I read here? I guess it's like watching a hoarder show. I just feel I need to get organized!

  2. But thank heavens a fire did not begin!

  3. I am so sorry for you. The minute I read you left with eggs boiling I figured it would end badly. Glad this was mid remodel rather than post remodel. Hoping you get a break!