Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday, I am off to a running start!

    I got in late last night!  Piles of mail and dirty clothes.  I am a little off on my sleep schedule, but I am sure that it will correct itself soon.  I am unpacked and have cleaned the bedrooms and the upstairs baths.  I need to start laundry and get the kitchen dunged out.  I also sorted the mail!

      I had a good time in DC my sisters are very funny. I came home with over $300.00.  I just did not spend any money.  Subway fares and food out a few trinkets, but that was it!  I spent the most on my sisters birthday gift, as Labor day is her B-day.  I am glad to be home.
     I start at the studio today and I am praying for good enrollment.  It is always scary the first month.  So much depends on this as we want to be able to pay off close to $30,000 worth of debt by the end of the year (May).  I know we can do this if we persevere. 

     My first goal is to get the mail opened and set up a September budget.  We have three pay checks in September and no house payment until October, so the plan is to fully fund emergency fund, pay off overdraft protection (yes I was bad this summer), and pay off my Mom, and catch up on all bills as we are a little behind.  I would also like to make a significant payment to my personal credit card.  I have decided that I will pay this off first so I can have all the studio money go toward the new loan I took out on the truck.  I am pushing for at least $3000.00 a month. 3 x 9 is $27,000.00 that should put us right in the ball park.  If we have no CC debt and just the house and the car payment (mine) we should be able to stay on our goal of becoming debt free in less than 5 years.
 Out My Window:  I need to can tomatoes!   Hubby called out on a fire this last weekend while I was gone and many of my flower boxes did not make it.  But they were looking pretty sad so I will replace them with some small winter cabbages.  That is when I get time!

      I am going to open the mail and get a deposit ready!  Here goes to a new school year!

     Pray for me I am suffering from a little anxiety and depression and I don't know why?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Thinking of you and hoping it's just the post-vacation blues along with the anxiety of the new "year" that has you feeling off-center. As a "dance mom" I'm always excited to hear about what's going on at your studio. Hope the day turns out good for you!

  2. The anxiety is normal at this time of year - it will take a few weeks for my own anxiety to settle down. I never know how things are going to go for the first little while and as a perfectionist (perhaps you're one too!) I like things to run very smoothly. Good luck with your enrollment!!