Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, I survived the week!

     Boy am I tired.  Back to teaching and sewing and I am bushed.  But it is nice to be able to pay the bills.  I do not teach today, Yippee! The shop is loaded so I have to get my butt in there.  I was able to pay off the Over draft loan I used this summer.  So now my only goal left for the month is pay all the bills on time and pay off Mom if I can.  I have not figured out where this will come from.  We do have an extra paycheck this month and we do have extra money coming into the studio in the form of registration fees, Hubby also has about $600.00 in fire time coming in as overtime.  I will have to sit down and see who has paid tuition and who hasn't.  We have so many new students showing up Monday so there is no way to know right now.

     We seem to have good size classes. I am so grateful.  I just want so badly to pay off all the studio debt and it will not be easy.  We are all in the same boat, it is not that we can't live on a tight budget, it is the length of time it takes us to get rid of the debt that is hard.

     On a better note, it is only the 9th of September and so far I have been able to:
      Catch up on all bills I was behind on, like utilities, doctors, cell phone bill.
      Get the emergency fund back to $1000.00  ($412.00)
       Pay off the Overdraft protection I used this summer ($873.00)

Next week is fiscal fast so I should be able to see where I stand as far as a pay-off on Mom is concerned.  I wanted to have this bill paid off last May remember?  Here it is September and I am still trying to figure it out.  Time; that is the killer.  But you know if we were very ill or terminal time would be so precious to us.  With the debt all we do is try to get the days to go by faster so we can make another payment.  Need to think about this!

     Out My Window:  More eggs, soon I will be haunting my neighbors!

Need to go get some laundry done and clean my kitchen, make the beds, etc.  Get some sewing done.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. I thought I'd be exhausted at the end of the first school week but I don't feel too bad at all. It was a good week so I'm feeling pretty happy. Last night I fell asleep watching a movie in bed so feeling quite refreshed today. And now it's the weekend. Hmmmmm I wonder what's going to go wrong lol!