Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, I am so glad

     I am so happy it is Friday!  Just so tired.  I think the blogging community is tired also.  No one is posting.  I need those posts!  Okay Jane is posting.  Jane is also tired.

     I have two dresses that will be picked up this morning and then I will spend the day paying the rest of the months bills and also cleaning and filing all the paperwork that has accumulated on the desk.   I need to balance both of the checking accounts( not my favorite job).  Even though we still have a week of September left I will wrap it up financially today.  I am also going to get the ironing done.  Yes, I know I said I would get a start on it earlier this week.  The start was turning on the mangler and pressing 1/2 of one pillow case.  I started!  But  customer asked me yesterday what that huge pile of stuff was?  So it is time.

Out My Window:  I think I will actually finish the yard today!  I weeded all but a small front garden bed and I have to go pickup all the debris from yesterday and then get that one bed done.  Then the yard is done.  Well it is never done.  I told husband I wanted him to mix up a really strong batch of  organic weed killer and I am going to go over all the beds carefully and along all the edges to try and kill any little thing I missed.  Organic does not work as well as the real stuff, but I feel better about it with the neighbor hood kids and animals.

     I just need a weekend to rest and veg, how about you guys?  Besides I have been so aggressive about paying bills and catching up this month I have no money!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Kim did you see me and my scruffy hair waving to you this morning!!!


  2. I need to rest this weekend also.

  3. No rest for the weary here. Kids have too much going on and I am behind in school work. Gutters to clean and a door to paint. I hope you get the rest you most definitely deserve!

  4. Now it's Saturday and I'm even more tired, silly me, or should I say silly us. Michael and I went to a late movie last night (he paid - Minnie the moocher strikes again!) then went to a pub for a pint and chicken wings and ended up staying to closing time. It was such a nice English pub and we'd never been to it before; we struck up a conversation with the bartender and I think by the time we finally drove home and got into bed it was past 2am...up at 8am to take Michael to work and get groceries. I don't think we'll be doing any dancing tonight!!