Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday, I woke up to crying

     I woke up this morning to the most awful crying sound.  It was repetitive but sounded  more like a baby doll.  It was the chickens, they are laying.  So cute, they are protective and so proud!  I had to get 8 small tomatoes from the garden to distract them but I have 2 small eggs, they are brown.  They will get larger and we will average 6 a day soon.  I love it when they start to lay.  But I have never heard chickens cry like this.  I hope the neighbors don't complain.

     I caught the little toe on my right foot on the closet door yesterday morning, I think I broke it!  It is purple and has a big red stripe down it.  Try teaching dance for 4 hours with a throbbing foot.  I could not get my hard shoes on.  But never mind I could not find them. I have three pairs as my feet can swell with my arthritis and I need different sizes, but all are out on loan to students who out grew their shoes before the last recital.  But as the little buggers keep growing these to shall come back to me. Irish hard shoes are about $135.00 a pair so I will let the ones that can wear a pair of mine borrow, if they come in a week before a performance.  We do have a shoe exchange program that works well.

     I told a parent to take a child home yesterday.  The little girls was so badly behaved.  She did not want to be there.  I think the mother was shocked, but I was kind.  I do not need horrible children, it takes away from my business, did I do the right thing?

     Out My Window:  If you could see how bad the weeds are around my back yard right now you would be shocked.  But besides running with scissors yesterday it was also 100 degrees.  There is smoke in the air from Oregon fires making it more miserable, so it will have to stay that way until it cools down.  It is supposed to be cooler by Saturday, I will weed some and can tomatoes.

     I am starting to take in tuition, so I was able to catch up on all of the little bills I did not pay in August.  I also paid back my emergency fund.  Yippee!  I was able to put $500.00 toward my over draft protection loan that I used this summer.  I only owe them about $350.00 now and I may be able to pay that back today.  I need to do a deposit.  It is nice to be able to catch up, but I have such a long way to go. I get so many set backs especially with the kids.  Daughter # 2 will pay me back about $250.00 this week and I will surely be able to pay off that OD account.  Then my real goal is to pay off my Mom  I owe her about $2164.00 left from a loan she gave me about 20 months ago for my business.  I have been paying her $500.00 a month.  But I think I can get it paid off this month.  Cross my fingers and my broken toe!

     I think Mysti, Rhitter and I are in the dumps right now, but we must be strong.  We will over come the monster.  Ugly, evil, debt!
     I have a dream ( no not a civil rights dream) a debtors dream, We will all be out of debt, I will be thin and beautiful, okay I am thin but the beautiful well one of my students last night said I looked like her Grandma!
Have a great and productive day!




  1. Aw.. thanks Kim for the love and support! :D

  2. Amen to that dream. We all just keep rowing together. Sorry about your toe :(


  3. I think if the little girl was warned & still wouldn't listen you ABSOLUTELY did the right thing!! If my child didn't listen to an instructor I'd be mortified & it would never happen again!

    I hope your toe feels better soon! Tape it to the toe beside it for a coup,e weeks to heal... it'll help! Promise!!

  4. Crying chickens, broken toe, bratty kid - just another day lol! We raised chickens when I was a kid and I can't ever remember them "crying", how odd. But fresh eggs - yummy!