Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday, My 7 things

     I have been reading about everyone's goals past and future and I have decided to list mine although 7 seems like a small number, I went back over posts and narrowed it down to 7 really big goals and all financial.

After all just getting through one of my days can be a goal in it's self!

1.  I started a blog to be accountable

2.  I fully funded and emergency fund which has saved my butt several times.

3. I paid off a $22,000 truck in less than two years (with a little help) to get rid of a car payment

4.  I paid off a large $12,000.00 loan from my Mom

5.  I refinanced my mortgage and Heloc into one loan leaving a nasty bank and going to the CU and saving almost 2% interest, plus locked the HELOC which was variable.

6. I pulled two studio loans away from a nasty bank and refinanced them with a CU saving 10% interest on one and 4% on the other.

7. We chose to start saving 10% of my husbands gross pay pretax instead of 6%. Yes it was hard to figure out where I was going to get that $211.00 but I have adjusted.

Now my  7 goals for the future:

1. Pay off personal Credit card before Christmas

2. Pay at least $3000.00 on Studio loan by Christmas

3. Payoff above debt by next May. Leaving us with a car payment and a house payment.

4.Start putting $500.00 a month back into an IRA, I stopped because were losing about $500.00 a month. Any thoughts on this?

5.  Try to pay off our car by the end of 2012.

6. Fully fund a 6 months emergency fund.

7.  Decide if I really want to own a Dance Studio for another year!

     There you have it.  But really the biggest influence I can think of is the blogs.  Meeting everyone and having people who are in the same boat with the same goals and we all have our own problems.  The humor and the frustration, the Drama makes this journey to become debt free fun, or better.   Everyone helps, everyone encourages.  Thank you.

Out My Window:  The back yard is done!  Now I will work on the front yard which won't take as long. Yesterday I had a former foster son call he has gotten into a training program to be a roofer.  I have been other/mother nagging him for two years to quit delivering Pizza as that is not a career.  He needs a trade.  Well he was short money for a tool box and some double kneed trousers.  So he came over and hauled two loads to the dump, cut down about 4 small trees and took them away and then weeded one of the front big beds.  I gave him $40.00.  Best money I have spent in a long time.  He was thrilled.  He worked for 2 hours.  But when you hire a company to come and take away bags of trash it is $20.00 a load, so I felt I got a bargain and so did he.

     I am going out to weed and then must get into the shop!  I confess I did not sew at all yesterday, I was just too tired.  In fact scary exhausted. I only have one class today so that is nice and I am thinking of getting and older student to teach it.  We will see.

Have a great and productive day!



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  1. I love win/win situations and great is it that your former foster son stays in touch and feels he can approach you - you must have been an awesome foster mom!!