Saturday, April 16, 2011


I bought a few groceries last night, I was also out of cat food.  I took in about $62.00 in shop.  At least I will have enough basic groceries to cook.  But I am afraid that my car will need gas soon.  It never ends!

Out My Window: 
Cold and rainy today. I am very tired of this weather.  But they say it will get nice and hot next week.  The purple phlox is really blooming.  We have a 100 foot low rock wall across the back of our property that splits the backyard it is very pretty covered in ivy, phlox, candy tuft, and rock daphne.  Just stunning in the spring.  Can you tell I like to be outside?

I put the bead work on the Sleeping Beauty costume last night.  I have all the pieces done, just a little more trim and then I will out it together. I need to get several items done in the shop and clean it.  Not organized and this is a hard situation to work in for me.  We are getting our chicks today!  I am excited!  But it has been so cold.  I did not want them in the house.  There is a reason they call them foul!  Now to try not a spend any money this weekend.  I can control myself, it is the hubby and kid. 

Have a Great and Productive Day!


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