Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday " I am Blessed with Work"

Oh my, the shop was bombed yesterday.  I have so much work I may never catch up.  Youngest daughter picked out a pattern for her prom dress.  It is a picture from Sex in the City.  Quite modest for them. We were able to get the makings for about $25.00.  But I am so busy now it will be hard to get it made.  So my goal today is to get what I have to done and then have the shell ready to try on when she gets home from school.

This means I have 7 pairs of pants to hem, 2 to peg, a blouse to fix, a zipper to replace before I can cut out this dress.  AGHHHHHH! Splat!

Out My Window:

Beautiful, blue sky.  Colder than ice.  I will never get the garden planted.  But we have planted late and still had tremendous crops.  I need to calm down here.  Take care all of you out in tornado country, the storms are just awful.

Well I have a sick chick, so I need to get to the feed store for some medicated feed.  I hate it when they get sick as they are so pathetic.  Breaks my heart.  My husband says, "Kim they are just chickens", but to me they are just a helpless little creature.

"I am blessed with work", something my grandmother used to say constantly.  I understand it better now.  I am blessed with work.  Every time another dress comes into the shop I am closer to paying off my debt!

Have a great and productive day!


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