Monday, April 4, 2011

Wow, am I really going to do this?

Have you ever felt like you were going no where?  Like the world was passing you by while everyone else was living?  Every morning, I sit at a dressing table and look out my window.  What really amazes me is that the view changes everyday and I change everyday.  Follow me as I come to accept  and act upon the changes in my life.
These changes include, a strong desire to be debt free, and to improve my business and my attitude. Are you ready?  Let's go!
Out my Window Today
It is rainy today, some of the trees are in bloom.  But most are still in dormant stage.  Everything looks so green when the sun comes out.  It is going to be a late spring.  I am going to start my morning glories tomorrow so the seeds are soaking overnight.  I am also starting snap peas today.  I will plant as soon as I can, we are still having frosts, but peas have to be planted soon or it will get too hot to harvest them and they will burn.  I will pull them by the end of June and plant something else.
I had a very productive day.  Had a great deal of work come in and sewed hard for about 4 hours.  B's car would not start this morning so she took mine to school.  I usually do not use a car until late in the day when I go to the studio.  I also had a no spend day today, so that is good.  We had left overs for dinner.  I always cook a huge Sunday dinner and it always feeds us on Monday.  We had ham so I have a meaty bone and I will do split pea soup on Wednesday.
Still have to go clean a bank with B and then clean two county buildings with husband.  I am tired but grateful.
One day closer to getting out of debt.


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