Friday, April 15, 2011

Finally Friday!

Tired this morning.  I still have a great deal to do. I did get some choreography set, but my main Irish teacher was sick last night with strep so it was a little crazy.

Out My Window:

Still overcast, but the crab apple tree over the pond is almost in bloom.  Little dark pink buds are forming and the candy tuft is in bloom over the rock wall.  It is so pretty.  Hope to get into the garden this weekend. Husband is tree planting this week so he has long days.

We are so broke.  Husband put $60.00 worth of gas into truck last night,  I am out of milk and bread, carrots, celery, onions.  Husband needs perscriptions filled and so do I.  It is no end to money.  I have taken in no money this week in the shop.  Hope to take in a little this afternoon.  I did not finish Sleeping Beauty costume, so must do that today.  It is beautiful and we have a photo shoot Tuesday for production poster so I must get this done.  Oh when will I catch up?  Both in my life and in my checkbook?   I am determined, I will make it.

Now how do I cover the expenses that will occur this weekend plus cover the gas check?

Do you ever feel like the little engine that could?

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