Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday and my house is a wreck!

I wake up in the morning and the animals follow me until they are all fed.  I wander bleary eyed from scoop to scoop just leaving happiness in my wake,  Changed all the bedding under the chick and ducks.  There is a reason they call them fowl.  Who ever termed the word it's just chicken feed did not feed chickens. I have to go get a bag of feed today.  Put that on my to do list.

Out My Window:

It will be a beautiful day.  The yard needs to be mowed.  Poor H will have to decide if he will do that or finish up work on the coop.  It has been so wet the lawn grows like crazy but also too wet to mow.

My house is a wreck.  I really just need to spend an hour running through it.  But I am some what unmotivated.  Maybe it was the late night trying to story board Sleeping Beauty.  Take two artistic people and 120 students and try to get a story line that everyone can agree on.  Oh my aching head.  It is done but will have to be tweaked I am sure.

My husband and I have a side job that we have had since graduate school, so a long time.  We clean highly secured government buildings.  Our contract was finished with a city and switched to a county about 8  months ago.  Our pay seemed to be so much less with more work.  We argued and eventually got the pay resolved but were still making less money than we should.  I finally called not my immediate supervisor but the actual contract admin. office.  Some how our deductions had been changed.  We don't need to pay the feds and the state $250.00 a month.  We get back a big enough tax refund a it is.  Well that was fixed and here our check came and it is $110.00 higher than it has been.  Hooray!  that is $220.00 more a month to out toward debt! 

I am ready to post my debt totals but I am not sure how?  Any tutorials out there?

Have a great and productive day!  ( will now go and clean for an hour): )



  1. I really don't know how you do it all. You are a whirlwind and fabulous!

  2. Hi Kim,

    You are one busy and hard working lady! I am in awe!