Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday can I live through this?

I stayed up late editing a paper for my youngest daughter.  It was printed out and left on the computer key board,  I always get home from my side job about 10:30 or 11:00 and she is in bed.  I realized that other than college papers this is the last one I will probably do.  I have been editing papers for 16 years, life happens.  Wow!

Out My Window:

It is COLD and windy and overcast.  Flowers are still trying, but I feel sorry for them.  The Dog Wood Festival is this weekend.  Our town if famous for its beautiful Dogwood Trees.  They have car rally's, and art displays, and general family activities.  But almost every year it is COLD and rainy!  I will not participate because of the weather.  I have been rained out too many years.  But I feel sorry for the promoters.  How frustrating.

I put $200.00 in the bank yesterday and also took $300.00 out of emergency fund to cover checking account.  Pay checks are coming  in  after bills are due.  It is a strange month.  I will reimburse next week.  Photo shoot went well, Sleeping Beauty costume is gorgeous. I only need to put hooks up the back.  But I will not do that until the week of the show.  These dancers have a tendency to drop 10 lbs right before a performance due to long rehearsal schedules and stress. Had 3 more dresses come into the shop yesterday.

I also picked up H's prescriptions $24.00, bought a few groceries $27.00, gave youngest $20.00 for gas, put gas in H's truck $62.00, and paid for x-rays and cleanings for both my teeth and H's $70.00 ( dental school rates)  So you can see why I can't get ahead.  I work and work and the money goes and goes.  But I am trying so hard to get out of debt.  Really focusing on the Truck.  Maybe too hard as I seem to be behind in every other aspect of my finances this month.  But oh the celebration when that thing is paid off!  Focus on the good!   Well I need to hit the shop and I have to teach for 5.5 hours tonight, before I go to my side job.  Just thinking about it makes me weary.

Do you ever feel like you will never catch up?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Whew! I thought my day was exhausting! You are doing a fabulous job. You are definitely more on track than you give yourself credit for. I am rooting for you too.


    p.s. I sooo want to see photos of your creations!

  2. Sounds like you are doing well! Good luck on your journey ! I also would love to see pics of the outfits!