Friday, April 8, 2011

FInally Friday!

 Got a phone call at 12:37 last night, my mother was in cardiac arrest and on her way to the hospital via ambulance.  Not a good phone call.  She has had surgery and is stable, so I am gearing up to drive the 5 hours over the snowing narrow, mountain pass with all the truckers to get to my mother.

Out My Window:

It is beautiful and cool. I will miss this view for a while and I am sure it will be warm and wonderful this weekend.  Oh well onto a better cause.

Good news!  B got the job at Home Depot.  She is so excited, and so is Mom.  I was supposed to take her up to college this morning to register, but had to let husband do it as I am leaving.  I called daughter 2 we will call her S and she traded me cars.  I am driving a 16 year old Buick that is not highway worthy.  She has a nice new car.  How does that work?  I dropped my bomb off at the dental college and have her Subaru.  I was so looking forward to a girls day with B.  We get so little time together.  Her dad was saying that the last time he took her to register was for kindergarten round up because I was at a college registering the oldest daughter.  I have missed so many of B's mile stones taking care of the other kids needs.  This is what happens when you spread your children out over a 25 year period.  What was I thinking?  I gave B some cash and Joel the last of my cash.  I told him not to write any checks while I was gone.  I don't earn money when I am not here. Ugh what a mess.  Pray for me.

Have  productive day!


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