Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yes,  Finally a large debt is paid off!  I started with 7 debts and now I have 6!  I made the last payment last night.  Oh Happy Dance!  The scary part is that I am driving a 16 year old car that I cannot take out of town.  So I must borrow a car to go anywhere.  We live in rural Idaho.  I totaled my perfectly good paid for automobile last September.  Of course I was only given a fraction of what it was worth.  Needless to say my husband has a truck payment and we cannot afford two car payments.  So with 32 more months to pay on the truck we decided to pay it off first and then approach a car for me.  This has led to all kinds of problems.  But I was not going to go further into debt.  Last September our friends and family thought we were nuts to not replace my car, but I was serious about our debt.  It was none of their business.  Now we have no car payments.  May it stay that way for a while.  We paid the truck off with the $5000.00 settlement from my car and a $2400.00 check I thought was a write off on an old contract.  The rest was just regular payments, snowflakes and perseverance.
So 32 months became 8 and it is gone.  I am so proud of me!

Out My Window:
Apples, cherry, pear trees are in bloom.  They come down a fence line and are planted pink, white, pink, white.  No not on purpose, this was a accident. I can only choreograph dancers.  Still cold!

This is my big teaching day, I hope to get a lot done.  I also have a dentist appointment this morning and more sewing to do.  Life never ends.  I am excited to get to work on my next big debt.  It is $4000.00. Let's see how long this will take me.

Can you believe that I just wrote that I am excited to pay off debt?  What happened to the old me?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Congrats! It feels so nice to see them going... one by one!

  2. Kim,
    How awesome is that!!! I can't wait until our two cars are paid off. It will be wonderful! Enjoy your car debt freedom!

  3. WooHoo!!!! Yay! well done on paying off the truck! Doesn't it feel great!

  4. OMG! I am so proud of you!


  5. Thank you, I am taking a bow. Step to the right curtsy, step to the left curtsy, walk backward right, left, right, left, bow head, walk forward right, left, right, left, repeat. (practice this and you can join any professional ballet company you want.) Kim