Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen! Easter Sunday

What a wonderful day!  I will have a big dinner with my family.  The girls liked their Easter baskets.  I had B deliver an Easter basket to the older man across the way that fixes our cars.  He was so cute with her.  I also delivered a basket to a  pseudo foster son who is now living on his own.  We worked hard on the new Chicken coop yesterday and H might take tomorrow off to finish it.

Out My Window:

It is beautiful outside,  Still unseasonably cold but clear and blue.  Almost everything is in full bloom.  We still have some trees, and shrubs that are struggling but the crab apple over the pond is gorgeous.  We had the ducks outside this morning to run and they were so cute.  They are about 8 inches high with a big bright yellow tuft on their heads.  Their wings are about 1.5 inches long they are so funny to watch.  I know they are going to love the pond, but we have to watch them so closely when they are little.

I was busy yesterday with cleaning, baking, shopping for Easter dinner and helping H with coop.We dyed eggs last night with daughters and boyfriends.  Had a lot of laughs.  The girls brought me my traditional Easter lily.  I always plant them after they die off.  They come up every June.  I now have 12 out front in a cluster.  This tells us how long we have lived in this house.  I do believe the eldest daughter had to call and prompt the youngest two about the lily,  But that is okay she has always set a great example.

I had a thought about debt this morning and I am sure it has occurred to many of you before, but much of our debt or our habits with debt come from our lack of gratitude for what we already have.  I am going to strive to be more grateful.  Now please remind me of this next week when I am whining about my poor life!

Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!


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