Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, Do I need to use this?

   I had a client in the shop yesterday who asked if I rec'd my  coupon in the mail from Penney's.  The mail had not come so I said "no".  She told me she was on her way to purchase something anything so she could take advantage of that coupon.  Well I don't shop at Penney's often,  maybe for socks, or towels. But I have to confess I too used to be lured in by a coupon.  A couple of years ago I would have found any reason to go and use said coupon.  Even today I can think of reasons to go.  Hmmmmm... let me see that Bridal Shower and upcoming Wedding, towels in the guest bath a little frayed.   Any, I mean any excuse would do.  But now I can ignore this temptation because I want to be out of debt more!

Have any of you been lured to go spend by a coupon?

Out My Window:

It is beautiful and cold.  The Wisteria is sprouting and will soon send out enough growth to cover the yard.  We will be hacking it back with machetes. It was planted over a bench and arbor to shade the pond and prevent certain molds from growing, what we didn't expect was how much the Wisteria would grow!

Costume letters are going out to students.  Commercial is done for Sleeping Beauty, also the poster, radio spots and rehearsal schedule.  This is my last week before I go into show mode.  Don't like show mode.  I rec'd a large check yesterday late.  So I will sit down this morning for a few minutes and do the books, maybe tomorrow I will have some great news!  Stay tuned.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. I have to throw the JCP coupons away when they arrive to tempting to me.....i had a huge charge with them..finally got it under 300.00