Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Woes

Okay yesterday could have been better, but I survived.

Out My Window:

Today I saw 4 little birds at the bird feeder.  One was a robin who was making a pig of himself while 3 little yellow finches waited patiently ( hold it, can finches wait patiently? okay waited impatiently) to get to the feeder.  Too cute. I love birds.

Daughter 3 we will call her B had to get a new box of contact lens.  She has to wear the expensive $38.33 a box lens.  Her eyes inflame with the others.  So if each pair last two weeks and she gets three pairs we are spending a little over $6 a week on lens.  Boo Hoo.

But she also got a call back and a job interview this afternoon with Home Depot!  If she gets this job it will help so much.  Not only her but us!  So grateful.  All of the kids have complained about yard work.  But they do know how to plant, and work outside.  They have a pretty good knowledge of flowers and shrubs.  So if she gets this boy can I rub it in! ( as a parent you get so few times to do this in a nice way)

I made a huge mistake in my check register (because my wallet was stolen)  I left out a $220.00 check when I was trying to recall my register from memory.  Well it cleared while we were down at Daughter 3's house to see baby blessed.  So when I get home my car savings is down under $5000.00.  I am just nickel and dimeing this account and will never get Husbands car paid off.  B's car is not working, so she is using mine.  Both of our cars cannot go out of town as they are very old and leak like crazy.  But Husbands truck has a balance of 8997.00.  I need to pay it off so we can get a newer car for me that is dependable enough for my husbands commute of 100 miles a day to work.  I just took the $5000.00 and sent it to the truck account.  This scared me to death.  I guess I felt rich with this money sitting there.  But is was from a settlement on the car I totaled in September.  I am just so bad with money I was using this account  to keep from overdrawing and spending into it all the time.  Well no more.  With the cost of gas adding $200.00 a month to our budget I cannot continually make this up. I hope I did the right thing. Gave myself a huge headache!

So now I owe 3997.00 on this truck.  I told husband what I did and he is anxious to get a car that is comfortable for 4 riders.  You can squeeze 3 into his King cab, but these are big men.  So they cannot add a fourth party the week he drives.  He is afraid that they will band together and bump him out even though he started the car pool.  They have been patient but now that gas prices are soaring people are looking for ways to save.  You can't blame them.  Pray that we can get this truck paid off soon.  I cannot make two vehicle payments at a time.  It would put us over the edge.  I will put every extra bit of money I have toward this goal.

I am going to make a big pot of split pea soup with the ham bone from Sunday dinner, Yummm!

Well I have to face the day, have sewing to do, and costumes to order.

Have a productive day!


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