Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday and I will get something done!

I paid bills and did books all day yesterday!  Yes all day.  The desk was piled with receipts nothing had been paid.  The only thing I had done for month was payroll, because after all others have to eat, right? So balanced studio books, balanced personal checking, and it was bad, so bad.

Out My Window:

It is still over cast and it rained all day yesterday.  Squirrels have found a way to get to the bird feeder again! You have to admire their tenacity. One of the local ski resorts reported two new feet of powder. We have two more inches of rain above normal here.  This is causing problems everywhere.  But you just wait, by mid June it will be HOT and DRY and we will be approaching fire season 

March was an expensive month so I believe that is why I did not want to face Aprils budget.  Lets see:

March 5th:  Huge Show along with several rehearsals, this always blows my best plans, just too busy to pay attention.
March: 12th:  New tires on old beater car as studs had to come off, and my wallet is stolen.  Tires $400.00 (yes I had saved for these) Wallet, $300.00 loss. ( cash, license, gift cards)
March 21: Daughter flies to take expensive exam in Portland.  She is gone a week so must pay Sub to replace her. $225.00 Plus plane ticket.$250.00
March 25th-April1st: Spring break always a budget buster. Travel to oldest daughters to see new grandson.  $550.00 in gas, food and gifts.( although I had saved the cash)

So all told I had $1775.00 in extras, this is why I will only pay a little more than minimum to debt in April.
Depressing. But....

I did have a very successful Show!  We earned a contract and sponsor for next year!
I have new tires so maybe I can drive Bessie a few more months!
Daughter passed her anesthesiology exams 1/2 who took it failed!
I got to hold my first grandchild for several days!

I just get back into April resolved to do better and mom gets sick. Gas, time away from work, and husband and kids home wasting money.  (They just don't manage like mom)  I estimate this has put be behind about $300.00.  Depressing. But... 

Called mom yesterday and she is doing well!

I will get final costumes ordered today and one Sleeping Beauty dress done!

Have a productive day!


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