Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, I made it I think...

What makes me happy today?  I cleaned the kitchen last night, I love to wake up to a clean kitchen.

     Sewed hard yesterday, It looks like I should make my goal of $400.00 by this weekend.  Great I can pay a bill and hopefully have a little left over for gas.

     I did not get my planting done, but I will do that tonight.  Very stiff and sore this morning and I actually slept in.  I am going to force myself to get the master bedroom and bath cleaned and some laundry done.  I must go to the studio at noon today and I have a couple of bridal fittings this afternoon.  I am hoping that doing a little manual cleaning will loosen me up so I can get more sewing done.

     It has been such a nice week.  I don't think I am getting caught up but I sure have tried.  I think daughter #2 will be down for Father's Day and I have to think about something for Hubby.  I wonder what he wants?  I will make him a nice dinner Sunday and I have to make a pie for church so I will make an apple crunch pie his favorite.

     Daughter #3 was home yesterday and her phone was giving her fits.  I told her I could not replace it I had no money and that if she could limp along until she saved up enough money to replace it $85.00 to go ahead.  I also reminded her that she would have $267.00 worth of rent and an car payment of $100.00 due on the 1st of July so she needed to save a % of her tips.  She has been expensive this last month and I have had it with her!  Such a mean mom.

     Out my Window:  Cool and beautiful, Hubby planted the rest of the garden last night although I do want to put in some bush beans.  So maybe tonight......

I am slowly very slowly off to the races.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. You are FAR from being a mean mom.
    I am a mean mom.... ;-)