Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday,will this work again?

     What makes me happy today?  Misty's comment on yesterdays post.  I actually laughed out loud!

     I forgot a bill in my long list of small unusual bills that have cropped up this month.  My business license was also due for the shop.  Now it is only $79.00, but with 7 other smaller unexpected bills it was a killer.  I should not say unexpected because I know these bills are coming, but do they have to come at all at once?  Yes, yes they do. (I mean due:))

     I paid everything except 4 larger bills in the studio and I will pray that I make enough to pay some of that and then go to savings. On the personal front we are okay, I will make it.  I do need  about $250.00 by the end of this week to pay a bill but I think I can do that.  With the shop as busy as it is I see no problems with personal bills.

     Look at my totals on my pages, I have not posted my car payment for last month or this month and I do believe that I am under $135,000 in debt including the house.  This is the lowest I have ever been.  It is frustrating not being able to pay something off but the steady progress is great.

     Still very stiff and hanging in there, I just try to loosen up as the day goes on.  The next door neighbor is a Nurse practitioner, and also into holistic medicine.  He came over last night and asked me to try not eating any plants from the night shade family for the next 6 weeks.  Now an allergy to these does not cause arthritis but there is real evidence that night shade plants can cause flares and inflammation.  I am willing to try this.  However I just planted eggplant, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes in the garden.  I also love these foods but it would be worse if it was chocolate!

     Out My window:  Hubby actually did a little weeding last night don't die of shock.  It was even in a flower bed...........  I think major quilt is setting in.  As it should.  I did get my wave petunias planted in front and I hope to get the rest of the flower boxes planted tonight.

     I also have to teach the Virginia reel tonight at the church, I have not done it for several years so I had better go revue!

Swing your partner, ladies to the right, gents to the left.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Interesting about night shade plants. What does that entail? I guess it includes eggplants?