Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

What made me happy yesterday?  Shopping with my daughter, we laughed a lot.
What makes me happy today? Going to church.  The freedom to worship.

     I had a lazy day yesterday.  Sewed a little, cleaned a little, went to a  movie, made pies for Father's Day for the church and for us.  Two big apple crunch, and two pumpkin.  Went and visited an older couple I know and will take a pie into them this afternoon.

     I have chicken in the fridge in brine.  I am making fried chicken, mashed and sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, gravy and biscuits for dinner.  This is Hubbies favorite.  It is like a carb feast.  He gets this twice a year, but on his birthday it is German Chocolate cake.

     The Harry Potter workshop starts tomorrow I hope we get at least 15 signed up, as that is a good number to work with and manage.  I love the story of Harry Potter.  I love the characters. 

    Out My Window:  Still have a little planting to do but almost done!  Yippee!  Hubby mowed and trimmed the yard yesterday.

     I have a very busy week ahead of me.  But today I am going to rest and cook.

Have a peaceful Sabbath



  1. Hope you're well rested and that this coming week turns out easier than expected!

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