Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday, still moving:)

     Day 2: Just spending the day with my Mom puttering around made me Happy!

     Mom is feeling better so she was a help yesterday, although she was sick again late last night.  I am stiff but did sleep well last night due to some great drugs.  I feel like my life is controlled by rounds of medication, but soon I will be able to start up on the Orencia again and I will get better.

     Worked too hard yesterday, but enjoyed every minute of it!

Garden is weeded, not picked up but pulled!
Shop closet is clean and I have several bags to go to dump, and Sr. Citizens sewing guild.
My closet is clean and winter clothes moved.
The laundry is done!
Ironing started but what a pile!

     Mom and I went to Hastings and picked through their $1.99 books and found several, then I took her to get a hair cut.  We went to the canned food outlet and stocked up on things.  We watched the video of the show last night.  Just a fun day.

     Today, I am going out to pick up in the garden and then take a hot bath.  I would like to make a dump run but I don't know if I have the strength to carry my weed bags around from back the back to the pickup out front:) Mom is going to try to help me with the ironing and I will spend most of the day in the shop as I have not sewed much this week and I will have customers howling if I don't!

Out My window:  One of the baby chicks was killed.  Pecking order.  We were worried about that.  He was aggressive.  But sad.  Beautiful weather!

I am off to get to work, and I had better go check on Mom.

Have a great and productive day!


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