Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Wednesday, Still sewing

 Went to book club last night and they all enjoyed the book I chose.  Imagine that?  As all the other choices since this mess started have been should I say not fun.

I had them read A Tree grows in Brooklyn.  I was surprised none had read it.  Next month's choice I have already read so one last thing to have to do.  Book club is more about social for me than reading as I read all the time anyway.

Wedding dresses keep pouring in and I find myself turning down many zippers and things of that nature.  Because I just cannot do everything.

Kelsa and Will are both here today.  Will is not feeling well and you can tell by looking at his eyes that he is sick.  Poor little guy. So, lots of handwashing and disinfecting going on.

This is my lists for the day, I so hope I can get these things done.

1. finish black coat

2. finish blue coat

3. put sleeves in wedding dress and call client

4. fix sleeves in two white dresses

5. take sleeves out of a wedding dress for refit tomorrow

6. clean my desk

7. get all tax things in a box (not do them, just corral them)

8. Call Slug

9. call Anne

Can I do this? I have my doubts....



  1. It's been years, decades, since reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. We just read The Lager Queen of Minnesota- pretty decent read. Poor Will; hope he rebounds and it doesn't hit you, his sister, or parents.

  2. You got this - just stay well!!!!!!!

  3. I always thought that wedding dress alterations were more of a fitting or hemming. Not sure why a bride would even buy a dress that had sleeves when they wanted sleeveless, or didn't have sleeves and they wanted them!

  4. When you look in their eyes and can tell they don't feel well. : ( Hope your day went well. Do what you can, right? Hugs!

  5. I loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I should read again since it have been about 60 years since I first read it.
    I love to read but don't think I would be welcome in a book club. I don't know.

    Coat zippers are not worth the money most people want to pay, and they are a pain!

    People buy things that have an aspect they like, knowing someone can make their vision happen. People knew I could do most anything, so came to me. I was fearless in chopping up

    Try not to catch what he has while he recovers. Sick little eyes are touching.

  6. I wanna know what happened to items 8 and 9 on the to do list

  7. I hope you get lots of things ticked off on your list Kim & I hope you don't catch what Will has either.

  8. Say NO more often on the sewing. Blessed Be

  9. Jre I had 6 grandkids for 6 days as their parents were out of town for a conference. Went ok but I’m exhausted. 6 year old two nights ago had tummy ache and vomitted 6 times all night but so sweet let me know ahead for the “bucket” so no bedding mess but that was Wednesday so I’m on a count down! There were 5 out of her classroom sick on Tuesday. The other grands ok so far and today parents home! Ha! This is for slugs also. My RTK is finally so on the mend. My leg hadn’t seen much action like this past week and was aching at night but I can finally sleep on my side. Hooray!