Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Wednesday, Sewing


I am trying to be happy as I will be in Hawaii in just a few days.  I will not be grouchy because I have a cold.

I will not be grouchy because my model added a last minute outfit.

I will not be grouchy because I have three more suits to alter and one dress.

I will not be grouchy because I have had to change pants twice today . (sneeze....  *&^%$#)


1. finish skirt

2. finish top

3. alter mens coat

4. patch suit and alter coat

5. alter military uniform

6. hem first communion dress.

Then I am done!  I have turned down a ton of work this week.  Asked three brides to call me back when I get home and sent many others over to another seamstress.

No new work this week,......well except the unexpected 4 outfit from the model.

Here Kim goes, she is going not quickly but going none the less.



  1. I didn't realize your trip was so soon. WOW! That will be wonderful and worth all this work. Think pineapple fruity drinks and get 'er done!

  2. Why do you think I bought 12 more pairs of panties this week? Well, it is not from sneezing I need them most of the time. Mostly, it is from trying to get out of this chair or up steps. Have fun in Hawaii.

  3. Understand perfectly the sneezing thing. Sometimes it is just getting where I need to be at night.

    God bless.

  4. I always pee when I sneeze… TMI…. I know…. Lol. Have fun on your trip! Cindy in the South

  5. Yay for Hawaii!! Hope you get everything done so you can relax & have a fabulous time. (Hawaii Planner)

  6. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii! Hope you can relax when you are there…usually you have the fast pace of the energizer bunny ;). Hilogene in Az.

  7. Bless you... for your sneezes and your work load! Search for 'period panties' and get a few. (They're also FSA / HSA eligible if you have those kinds of funds.) They're not just good for periods, they're good for those sneezing accidents.

    Hawaii is a bucket list trip of mine. I would love to see it! I hope you have so much fun.

  8. Always brand diapers are nice just FYI. LOL Daddy and Mother used Walgreen's brand Can you tell leakage runs in the family when sneezing???

  9. Have a wonderful and safe trip, Kim.

  10. Busy busy! I hope you get well and enjoy your trip!
    Happy Easter!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage