Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tuesday, What happened to Monday? edition

 How is it I can miss a whole day?  I mean I knew yesterday was Monday, I mean I mailed my tax checks in, and I ran around all day. 

The shop was crazy busy as in a non stop stream of brides and prom dresses. 

I was so pleased as I had a dress that I had to make bigger by putting gussets in the sides and it fit perfectly!  Now that does not happen every time.

I have a wedding dress to hem today and then get to work on my Bunnie outfits.  I have I think 8 pieces. 

Oliver is here today, and Kelsa comes later.  We have already been outside and dug up rollie polies. Because I need to have those crawling all over the house.  But when you have a three year old boy you have priorities. 

I am turning down work and also telling people I cannot do it until next week.  I have enough with this wedding dress and the 8 custom pieces I have to do.  See I am getting better.

Well I am off to get some fun or NOT!



  1. Some days sure o seem to just disappear in a flash - don't they? You keep so busy, it is no wonder. Glad you are turning some things down - don't over stretch yourself. LOL - like that ever happens (always)!

  2. Do you send the dress away or tell the person it will be next week before you can start. Yes, at some point you have to back off. Otherwise, someone is going to find you babbling under a pile of wedding dresses with roly poly families all over you. My little one, a girl was the one who brought in roly poly families. I lose days all the time. And, I don't know how it happens, either.

  3. I often lose track of days, even though I try and blog every day. You keep right on saying no if things get to be overwhelming.

    God bless.

  4. Glad you are saying no! And it is spring! Two good things. Hilogene in Az.

  5. Dang, Kim!! Glad you put your hand up and said "Can't do that this week." And OF COURSE you need rolly-polies all over your house!! LOL

  6. Well done pushing back, when you have too much to do! I'm also proud of you. (Hawaii Planner)

  7. Time just flies it seem these days.