Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Wednesday, I am doing it

 Thaks for the lift up I so needed it. Life is just hard and I have a bad case of the I don't want too.

My neighbor just text and she is sick, so I ran over saltines and cold 7up, as she is not keeping much down. Poor darling. 

It is all about watching out for each other, isn't it?

 What a great group we have here. 

I got everything done yesterday I wanted to in the shop.  Realize that I can only sew for about 4 hours before my joints give up and start screaming.  They love to scream.  Little buggers.

I worked for about 2 hours in the rock and then went in search or cardboard to put under ground cover I am laying.  I got a huge pile at Home Depot.

But my shoulders and wrists were so sore, and I keep thinking I will eventually get stronger, and things will not hurt as bad, but so far other than really improved arm muscles, I am still so sore at night.  AGE.....?

SO today I will do wedding dresses and then if I can get two of them done before 2 I will do three more prom dresses.

I still have wedding dresses coming in for June and I am telling them I will not get them done until I get home from Sissie's as I have 9 that I want to get done before I leave.  That is a lot of pressure, but at least the prom will be over.

Back to the Salt Mines



  1. Hi Kim, Do you have any updates on Sluggy? She hasn't posted in two weeks and I was concerned about her.

    1. I think she is on a trip? Cindy in the South

    2. I was wondering about her too! heatherruark

    3. Sluggy is on a European cruise! I would love to be able to hate her because of it, but I just can't

    4. Slugs is infact in Europe. Go ahead and hate her Anne.

    5. Oh, thank you for letting me know. I was concerned about her.

  2. You do have a good tribe. Isn't that the best???

  3. My hands would be screaming at me if I did your handwork. You're amazing. Remember that.

  4. I can't imagine my life without my friends (my BFF sister & my BFF college roommate). I really, really can't imagine it & feel so lucky. I also have a lot of local friends & I adore them, but my sister & my BFF talk me off the ledge, keep me sane & are just always there for me. So happy you have people in your life who are your tribe! (Hawaii Planner)

  5. Having a tribe is a huge gift!

  6. Age? I scoff at that__until I look in the mirror which unfortunately does not lie.
    Take care of yourself and pace the little time you have left before you go to Sissie's.