Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday, trying to stay on top:()()

     So grateful for a patient husband and two great sisters.  This has frankly been a hell of a lot of work and it isn't' going to get any easier today or for the next few weeks.  Today the mover come about noon.  I have someone coming to install handicap bath things and a toilet.  I have someone coming to install a flat screen TV to wall .  We have to meet movers and make trips to storage and to the house with baby grand piano and grandfather clock, and antique table, and mom's china hutches and secretary unit.  We still have boxes all over the place and everything 1/2 finished.  What a mess.  This is our last day here and tomorrow we drive to Spokane to attend daughter's shower and then I put my sisters on a plane to their respective homes. 

     We have to get as much as possible done today, because then it is up to me!  Say a prayer.  I know I can do this but I am so very tired and some what overwhelmed.

     I have the song "I will survive "playing around in my head.

Have a great and productive day!


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