Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wedneesday, where did yesterday go?

     I was so frustrated with Monday I did not post Tuesday.  Chaos is reigning and I cannot get ahead of myself.  Too many changes too quickly and I have to say I am overwhelmed.  Mom seems to be fine so far I am the one breaking down.  Of course she does not have 2 businesses to run. 

     So far mom has made dinner for Hub's as long as I tell her what to make so that will be a nice routine if it continues.  There are constant calls for help, once she learns the layout of the kitchen it will be better.

     Right now her things are all over the house.  She has the upstairs guest room and bath and the downstairs guest room and bath and she is using both just as I thought she would.  Hub's asked here where she was staying and she said all over. 

     I think I have tweaked the front room enough to keep her table and clock in there.  The piano man was here for 3 hours yesterday and will come back today.  I found the weights for the Grandfather clock but will have to call and clock repair man to get it fixed.  That is a job for another day.

     The carpet cleaners will be here this morning to clean the down stairs carpets and then we will have the wet dog smell for about three days.There is just lists and lists of things to do.  I can do really well in chaos for a time like a few days during a show.  But this has gone on too long.  When everything is so torn up I melt down and become very ADD.  So the faster this process gets cleaned up the better I will be able to concentrate. 

     Monday I did take a huge load of garbage and packing and things to the dump.  I also took a load to good will.  Yesterday I made d#2 take some things with her and I loaded the truck with things to return to the storage.  Now the garage is full of broken down boxes which I hope to be able to get to the dump today.  I am going to finish steaming a bride dress and then I will concentrate on the garage.  Hub's would like to be able to park a car in there.  What a dream.

     Last night I had a cousin of hub's come over and hang moms TV.  She can now watch it from her bed or her easy chair.  He fixed her easy chair as it would not recline correctly.  He also put a spray shower head into her shower.  He replaced the shower head in the upstairs guest bath with a hand held shower and also fixed the toilet that has been running. He was not able to replace the handle on the downstairs shower and we are going to have to call a plumber for that, but I am grateful he was able to do all the other job's Hub's either can't or won't do.

     There is just so much to get done and the wedding is a few weeks away.  D#2 and I were able to get the grooms men's things ordered, with great coupon savings.  We also ordered the flower girl things and I usually make them but time in money for me right now.  I am also no longer accepting any hard work into the shop.  I will hem a pair of pants but that is it until this wedding is over.  The problem is I have many harder things that need to be done and it is Wednesday.  We will spend Friday in Spokane with appointments so that is another day lost.  Okay must stop thinking or I will start to panic.

     I will just be thankful that I am making progress.  I think....

Have a great and productive day.