Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, yesterday was a bust and a confession.

     I did not get done anything I wanted on my list and the panic is setting in.  Mom however was  able to get 1/2 of the rosettes done, make dinner, and get a delicious Kristin apple cake made for the booster meeting.

     Mom will finish the rosettes today.  She is like a woman on fire.  I will twiddle my thumbs in my shop I think.

     Meeting went well last night.  Now if we just get some action it will have gone great.  I have terrific parents and I love them to death.

     I did get the last of the measurements for dresses and the flower girl dresses tried on for alterations.  Other than that I just got shop sewing done.  I need to finish so I can just concentrate on the Wedding.  It is so frustrating.

     I went to my specialist appointment on Friday and I must say that this medication I am on now is the best I have ever felt.  I can truly say I have been in remission for about a year.  However, there is always a however,  I have been very tired this last 2 months or so.  But then again look at my schedule and what I have been through with mom.  I should be tired.  The doctor ordered blood work.  He asked me about night sweats and they have been really bad lately also about bloody noses and yes I have had a couple for no reason and I never have nose bleeds. He feels that the disease is active again.  I am very good at ignoring and explaining  away symptoms.  I always have been, but I have to be honest and say that I know things are changing.  It is scary.

     So we have doubled the meds I am on to see if this will drop the SED rates.  The only problem is that the meds have side affects and those are frustrating at any time let alone when I am so busy.  Say a prayer for me.  I really don't feel too bad.  I did wake up soaking wet with a horrible headache this morning, but have taken some Excedrin and drank a diet coke so feeling a little better.

I have a girlfriend coming today to help me. I wish my Sissie were here.

I am heading for the shop to get something done, even if it kills me and it just might:)

Have a great and productive day!


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