Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday, I am home, for a couple days.

     We pulled into town laden with a truck full of who knows what?   The back seat of the truck is full to the brim and mom's car was stuffed full.  Twin sis and I drove my truck and my younger sister drove mom in the car.  It was a hell of a week let me tell you.  Lot's of laughs, some tears.  Mom is trying hard but I know this is killing her.  I am dreading my sister's leaving for fear that I will have to deal alone.  But this is what I wanted, I think.
     I left my house a complete sty on Friday morning last.  I was to meet my bride at 1 p.m. at Lutherhaven camp outside of Spokane which is a 2 hour drive.  When I got home from teaching I had a message to meet her at noon.  So I had to race around trying to get all the things done that needed to be done and I am sorry to say as busy as I was everything else I left things in quite a state.  Plus having Hubby on his own for 5 days is always interesting.

     I was able to get to Lutherhaven  by 12:30 , and when I got there I was greeted by the director and she said that the bridal party had not left Lewiston yet they were running behind by 2.5 hours.  So my stress was worth nothing.  I am used to this with brides, I was not the least upset.  I was able to meet the brides dad who is also my doctor.  He had a U-Haul full of decorations,  So I set up my sewing and helped him unload the trailer.  I was supposed to meet daughter in Spokane that afternoon to get her wedding organized, but when I realized it would take 1.1/4 hour to get to her and then have to come back I was wasting time, plus she had a call beep in while we were on o the phone, it was surgical team from a neighboring town that need her for an emergency dental surgery on a bike wreck victim.  She would not be able to meet me until her patient had come out from under anesthesia.

    So our day was blown in that respect.  I was able to get the two dresses finished in about 20 minutes as I just had to sew in zippers and I had  already basted them.  Dresses fit perfectly.  Helped set up chapel and took off for daughters.  We spent the night together I was able to get more planning done and get her wedding dress pattern ready.  Then I went to the wedding the next day and it was lovely.  Hub's met me and he also gave one of my dancers a ride up.  Lot's of food, treats and dancing.  D#2 and I drove home to her house, and Hub's and student went back to Lewiston.

     The next morning I was to spend the day with daughter and wedding things, but younger sister was melting down.  My twin sister had her flight cancelled so was late getting in and I was not coming until  late that night, but I dropped everything and drove the 3 hours to mom's.  Mom had created such a mess in her kitchen that young sis was horrified, by 8 that night all three of us knew we could get it done.

     Monday we boxed and taped and cleaned and by late Monday night were ready for the movers who were to arrive at 9 the next morning.  Sis and I stayed at a girlfriends house as my crazy brother knew we were in town.  We were also late getting to mom's because of exhaustion and we are inconsiderate wenches. Little sis very angry with us but that is normal family dynamics.  We showed up and started to give directions.
Little sis and Mom went to closing.  Mom was not gracious.  She had to pay back the $75,000 crazy brother had embezzled from estate, plus all the other closing costs.  Now she keeps saying she is homeless.

     We stayed the night in a hotel and had a great time laughing even got mom to join in the fun.  We are in the throws of unpacking and I am very tired.  I have so much to do and will just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Sister's are working like demons and it is shocking how much those two can get done in a short time.

     I have to go, will catch up with everyone later.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Crazy as usual! Your brother......What can I say about a person like that?

  2. I was wondering how things were going but figured you weren't in a place to talk about it yet.
    Glad your mom is out and the house is sold.
    Now the real fun begins! ;-)