Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday, lifes a blur

  I purposely left Hub's a nice salad and a steak thawed upstairs in the fridge and he did not see it and ate something else.  He is a dolt.  I have been so busy I have not been leaving meals and the guilt was getting to me so I took a few minutes to do this and he goes blind.  I told him he was an idiot.  Not very nice, but that is the mood.  Or I should say was the mood last night.

     Bride for this weekend picked up her dress and one of the brides maid dresses.  I fit another so it is done.  Now I just have to hem one more and do the hand work.  I have several pairs of pants to hem today and more police uniforms.  I have no where to be today before the studio so that is nice.

     Tomorrow I will leave for the wedding.I will meet two more bridesmaids that fly in, at1:00 will finish the dresses at the Wedding site.  Then onto my daughters to help plan her wedding .  We will attend on Saturday and then onto Missoula to get mom out of her house.  I hope to be home by Tuesday night.  So with this wedding out of the way I can concentrate on my daughters. Blah!  Too much I tell you.

     Yesterday met for lunch with dance parents.(former board pres. and his wife)Hashed out studio things.  It is coming along and I feel good about it right now.  Especially the buffer between me and the parents.  So nice.  By November parents should be able to pay on line and I will be able to have a separation from them and the money issues.

     I just realized I leave tomorrow for 5 days and I am not prepared at all.  Crap things just pile up and up.  Oh well, this too shall pass.  Time will continue and I will survive.  I need to get subs,  I need to pack, I need to leave a clean house.  Actually why? hub's will be here and that is a moot point.  SO I am not going to worry about that.  I will leave a house and my sisters and mom can forgive me.

     It is getting cold in the mornings, but is hot by the afternoon.  Love these days.

Have a a great and productive day!



  1. I am exhausted by your life just reading about it!

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