Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday, making progress.

     I have no idea what hub's is eating but I did manage to get to a store before dance yesterday and buy some milk and salad greens.  So right after this post I am going to run up and go through the fridge and make him a big salad.  I just feel that things are growing in there and I don't want them out of control.  I will make my chickens very happy.

     All the brides maid dresses for this wedding are cut out and started.  One fits perfectly, the other will be fit tonight.  I will hem the two others and will take them up to the wedding venue to put the zippers in them.  So I feel that I am making progress.  Today is about finishing things and hemming.

     Sisters and mom are all getting anxious.  Mom calls usually 2 times a day with an update. She is being wined and dined by all her friends and she loves that.  Someone is taking her out to lunch or dinner every day this week.

     New police man just dropped off a set of shirts and of course needs them today.  Love the city, their ordering system not so much.

    My helper for the last two days has been so great, I wish I could have help every day then I might run out of work.  I can't even imagine running out of work.  The thought is nice.  If I ever did I would probably panic.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful Fall days.  Cool in the morning, hot in the afternoon.  Perfect weather for yard work and I am stuck in  the basement.  I love Fall.

Have a great and productive day!


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