Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday, 2 days in and I am overwhelmed...

     The studio has been open for 2 days and I am at my wits end.  Well if I had any wits I would be at my wits end.  Still love my students love to teach.  It is the best part.  The shop is suffering from too many interruptions.  But I will try to reign them in. 

     Mom is becoming quite negative on the phone and I am getting worried.  I am sure she will be fine, I just don't need her to break down right now as it is my turn.

     My meeting with Board Pres went well he told me that if I wanted other people to do my monkey work I had to get my bananas in a row, I told him I ate my bananas.

     I know that this is just a hard time with a new start up and eventually it will be easy.  I just have so many little things nagging me and I need to get them done, but I also need to get the sewing done.  I could come home after dance and sew, but have been interrupted by family phone calls and mom and paperwork.

     Hub's is nagging me about paying back our savings and a loan I took out to keep studio afloat.  I will get to it, but I need to be able to come up for air. Yesterday he texts me and tells me to put out what I want him to eat for dinner.  I was irritated as I have really been trying all summer to help him lose weight by having a nice low cal/carb meal ready, but I cannot take time out of my schedule right now to cook.  He needs to give me a week or two to adjust.  But no after the first day he is whining.  Big baby.  But he has lost 34 lbs, so I need to back off and be a little supportive.  As in I can take some meat out of the freezer to thaw.  Then I can throw it at him.  Okay that did not come out right.

     Well I am sitting here with a wet head and Plan to sew all day long until I have to go to the studio.  Then, I need to get things ready for the parade, but will do that tonight. after dance, if I don't have some other crisis pop up.  Trying to get into seeing an accountant is like trying to get into a doctor, and I am waiting for a call.  My old accountant does not do nonprofits so I must change.  Add that to the pile, also get a storage unit for mother that is close by.

It is never ending......

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. Sounds very overwhelming. One step at a time though. Even though you are helping him lose weight, after the whole summer of cooking, he should have some idea of what to make himself. Like you said, thaw some meat, then he can cook it. I know, easier said than done. You are a good wife!