Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, I'm really trying, really I am

     See how I try to convince myself that I can get all the things done that I need to get done today, tomorrow, next week?

    I so enjoyed teaching my classes last night such wonderful students. I hope I never lose this feeling because it makes up for everything else.

     I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done yesterday finally, it is so frustrating.  I have a long list of other to do's that keep interrupting.  Now I need to go order SS cards for Hub's and I.  I really don't have time to leave the house and go do errands as I have appointments set up and I don't want to miss anyone.

     Tomorrow is the Rodeo parade.  It is a big deal here and the studio will have a small float like thingy in it along with dancers.  So I need to get candy and balloons and get kids costumed and it will take up almost the whole day tomorrow, then I must drive to mothers.  I will stay over on Sunday and drive home on Monday in time to teach at 4 and the week starts over.   When can I get everything else done I need to get done?  So you prioritize and you still have too much to get done in the time allotted.  Such is life, but I keep telling myself it will get better.

     Yesterday I hemmed three pairs of pants for a neighbor that is housebound now and I walked over to deliver them praying the other neighbor that is also having severe health issues would not see me as I would have to go in and visit.  The problem is I love to visit with these people and they are lonely.  So here I am skulking around because I am too busy to stop and chat.  I really dislike that.

     Okay enough complaining,  The chickens are laying well.  Hub's started his retirement papers.  The studio is doing well with enrollment.  We just have a few holes in the schedule, but I am sure they will fill up.  I have great people helping me.  I am getting caught up.  It is beautiful outside and the skies are clear.

     My Sissie and I are making plans for our trip to mothers at the end of the month for the final move.  I am so grateful that I have two wonderful sisters who will help me with this.  Sissie must take care of all of us, I think we are a burden.

Have a great and productive day!



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  2. I feel the same way right now. Thinking about hiring my sister to help me cutting this massive quilt order I have. She cannot see and I am getting bogged down with the cutting of the clothes.

    When your head comes up for air, take a deep breath and remember your life is beautiful in all its craziness. You stay very upbeat with most of us who consider your schedule grueling!

    My dear, you are truly an inspiration!

  3. When my schedule gets crazy like that, I just keep swimming like Dory. Keep plugging away at it my friend.

  4. Each day I read your blog, and each day I am exhausted when I finish. Wishing you some peace and a little down time!