Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday, I can do hard things.

     We had the Rodeo parade on Saturday.  I have not participated in the parade in the last several years.  Just too tiring, too much work, not enough help, too much aggravation.  But this year I had a great group of parents that helped and worked very hard.  We had a group of dancers and the only downfall was line up was at 11:30 the parade did not start until 1:30 and we did not move until 2:15 so over 6 hours of prep and standing then 1.5 hours of walking.  It was not the walking that was hard it was the sun and the standing.  I thought I was going to die when hub's finally picked me up at 3:30. 

     Now I have to drive to Missoula which will be a 4-5 hour drive.  But I was saved by a girlfriend who went with me.  We would be driving that narrow winding mountain road mostly in the dark.  It is approaching fall and the deer and elk are out like crazy.  As I have totaled 2 cars on this road, I was afraid of 1. falling asleep, 2.  hitting a deer.  But I had a spotter and someone to talk to so we made the trip over and saw sooooo many deer.  We got to Missoula about 11 our time and went right to bed.

     The next day was figure out what mom had left in the house (too much)  Where did it come from?  I swear that crap has sex and multiplies at night.  I was able to go through all the boxes for Swedish things for a big display I am doing for the church.  We also packed up more of mom's stuff.  She let my girlfriend do more than me, like she doesn't trust me and that was just okay!.  Later in the day we took mom' good washer and dryer ( my brother moved them and put them in my truck.  Then we swapped out his old and the next morning took it to a recycling place.  Then back to mom' s to pack up an entire load of fragile things.  Yes I needed 3 more violins because we don't already have enough.  Heavy sarcasm. 

     I picked up the oval antique end tables that match the oval library table I inherited.  Now I have the matched set.  Also Great Grandmothers mantel clock that keeps bonging like something out of a Dickens novel. 

     We drove back into town about 2:30 in the afternoon.  I needed to teach at 4.  My house was a wreck, well I left it that way, now I have a truckload of things to get into the house.  Most of it will go into storage after the church event but for right now hub's and I have unloaded it into the shop.  I am starving, I teach 2.5 hours on Monday, but great classes and so fun.  So here I am in a disaster over full shop, you can hardly move in there and I have to conduct business the next morning.  I am behind on laundry having not done any since last Monday.  Also did not empty any trash cans.  The kitchen and dining have really not been cleaned since I was working on daughters wedding flowers last Monday night.  What a mess.  I just did not have time to address any of this last week with the studio opening and Hub's was pretty much on his own.  This is not good because he is a greasy messy cook.  He tries to clean up but oh my I cannot describe the kitchen when left to his devises for a few days.

     He cooked me a polish sausage because he felt sorry for me and then I started to clean out the shop.  Transferred most of the Swedish stuff into the spare room.  Brought all the laundry down and started one load.  Bagged up all of the garbage cans in the house and relined them.  This way I could go to bed and know I could face my shop this morning.

     But the trip to Missoula overall was so fun.  My friend and I called our elves Thelma and Louise and we laughed and talked, and slept in the bed I had in high school in my old room because she is afraid of ghosts:)  I loved every minute of traveling with her, we had our ADHD moments, but because we understand these moments they were not a problem, just life.

     I have now put in the last load of laundry and I need to sit down this morning and pay bills.  I also need to really clean the kitchen, and I want to cut out another bridesmaid dress.  Just too much to do and I am feeling overwhelmed.

     Last night I told my boys class that they could do hard things.  So I guess I should take my own advise.  I can do hard things.  I teach again at 4 this evening and then I have a rehearsal at the church.  I must get my music set and find all the costume parts for the Swedish dancers. Then I can come home and collapse yet again.  I know I will eventually catch up and be able to function better, but right now it is just reminding myself I can do hard things.:)

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I like that - I can do hard things. Especially needed right now.

  2. I need to adapt that mantra-- " I can do hard things." I like it alot!

  3. I like that. I am going to start saying that to myself every morning when I wake. Maybe before I go to be too, or when I am just putting off doing an unpleasant task. I can do hard things!