Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday, getting a cold :(

     Finally broke bad and made hub's dinner yesterday, cucumber tomato salad out of garden his favorite, also baked little yellow squash and new potatoes.  There was a steak to grill left with this, but he does not get to eat potatoes very often so he opted for those instead of the meat. He can eat that tonight with leftover salad.  There I am done with that area of my life for the day.

     Yesterday was like a three ring circus and I ran most of the day.  I did get some laundry done, but it is not finished.  Since I have a group of ladies coming over tomorrow for Swedish cooking I really do need to straighten and dust the upstairs and get things lined up for that.  I will do that tonight when I get home from dance. Other than that to hell with it!

     The studio and all it's extra is taking up way too much time from my schedule.  I know that this is temporary except for the teaching, but right now it is kicking my butt.  There is a lot of my butt to kick.  I find myself eating sugar as it has a comforting affect on me.  Need to behave in that area, and I will right after I eat this doughnut.
     Sluggy showed me her pickles( in another context that could sound so vulgar) and she even offered me one as she is a good hostess.  I declined.

Turn your head sideways as I cannot figure out how to flip this.  We look like sisters I swear.  Sluggy had a bad foot but was still hobbling around taking care of us.

 See here I am doing a Sluggy, can you see the resemblance?  Hub's in the background.  Oh yeah Liberty bell in the back background.

 The Pope and I getting friendly , he is due in Philly this week?  For all my good Catholic friends you should be jealous, he was quite lovely.

     I thought I would show you a few more picks of our trip to take my mind off my cold.  This is what happens when you are around 90 little bodies a week, the first thing they do is spit a germ on you, because of course you have to hug them.

     Now I want every one to look at my snow flake list.  Yes things are staring to come my way.  I have reimbursed for monies borrowed from daughter, also monies owed from a client, a check held back, and some secret shops, so they all went to the car!  Look at my totals.  Soon I will be able to pay off a few things from studio reimbursement and it will be so nice.  It will make me feel that it is worth it financially.  Well let's face it ( financially), will never happen, but it is worth it spiritually, because I love these kids. I love the creative process.

  I am going to catch up with Sarah, you just watch!

     Our car insurance dropped almost $80.00 a month with the speed demon daughter off our policy.  Hooray!

Have a great and productive day. I am going to blow my nose.


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