Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday, back in teaching clothes

  I have no idea what Hub's ate for dinner.  Yesterday was so busy.  Phone rang all day with parents and questions.  The shop was busy taking in customers that have waited a week to get to me.  I left for the studio before hubs was home.  When I came home he was out walking the dog.  Then ballet Mistress came over and we talked and laughed Nutcracker until 10:30.  I am exhausted and it is only the first day. I have a meeting today with board president and we are on a roll I think.  He is winning the bet about on line registration and every one loves it, as I have a terrible phobia about registration and paper work in general I might have to let him win this one.  My white flag is in the wash and will be starched immediately. 

     Since I used the last of my savings and used every nickle I could get my hands on to float the studio this summer, I made the first deposit and paid a few bills that were due just in time.  So nice to have cash flow, may it continue today.  My new students were so cute and the old ones just as sweet.  Hugs all around.

     On the financial front, when I was away in D.C.  I was reimbursed monies in the tune of $195.00.  I also had $200.00 returned to me that I thought I would never get back, then I received a secret shop check for$28.01  so you will see those popping into my snowflake pile and going onto the car.  I need to sit down and pay bills but will not do it until tomorrow evening some time.  My day is booked.  The shop is such a mess right now and the house is following.  How can things get so out of hand so quickly?  I do not do this kind of chaos well. I need to get my totals updated and pay the house payment.  In reality I need to pay attention.

     Mom called yesterday and it was the first really negative phone call I have had from her.  I don't know what spurred it on but I think she just has strong anxiety issues over little things.  My brother is a big worry to her.  We girls are standing firm on his issues.  I am just worried about her peace of mind once she gets here.  She sis call and apologize last night, but I am not really sure what she was apologizing for, this is a big step for her and she is going to have hard days and feelings of regret.  I just want her to be happy.  But is has me worried.

     I am in flux with too much to do as usual.  My problem is I don't want to do any of it.  My mean brat self can be very unproductive and stubborn.  I need to shake this mood.

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. I love when money just shows up! Its always a good day. Yesterday I had to close 3 saving accounts because they were going to start charging $10 to keep them. 2 were the kids so I'm saving the money for them. But I put my $120 towards a bill.