Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, Labor Day is not for sissie's

    We arrived home last night and the dog was so happy with the people caring for our place she did not even greet us.  How is that for a welcome?  Everything was fine and we started to unpack our crap and get to bed.  It was up at 3 in the morning our time to leave D.c. and then we gained back the 3 hours we lost for a week.

     We had a wonderful time.  I had a great time with my sister and her husband and my husband.  I am so glad we went .  I feel somewhat stressed with the studio opening tomorrow.  But still glad I went.  The air is so much cleaner and it is easier to breath here.  We have obviously had some rain and that has cleaned up the air a little.

At the end of the day in Williams-burg they march and fife and drum band around.  Very neat.
     Here is a recap of the trip.  We landed in D.C. on Monday evening right before rush hour and took the subway to Gaithersburg where my Sissie picked us up at the kiss and ride.  We had a nice dinner and visited and went to bed.  The next morning we rented a car and enterprise picked us up right on time and we headed for Colonial Williams-burg.  It was fun but very commercialized and expensive.  We did not buy tickets and walked around for hours, but we saw everything we wanted to see.
Here are Hub's and I in the stocks!  Right where we belong.
Many Historic buildings, you could walk forever.  

Loved the gardens, they gave me some ideas.  I should not be given ideas.

Hubs if you look closely was conscripted into the militia.  He is on the end in the blue shirt.  He had to march around and he was quite good at it with his military training.  It was very hot about 95.

     We headed back to Sissies and arrived late about 11:00 p.m. slept and then the next morning headed for Hershey Pennsylvania and the Poconos.  Hershey is very touristy, we just drove through and did not stop at park as i is very expensive and I can buy Hershey's chocolate anywhere.

     Then we headed for Mountain Top to see Sluggy!  She lives in a very beautiful part of the country.  Thick hardwood trees, and a wonderful neighborhood.  It is what I would call rural. I learned many secrests about Sluggy so I can spill.

1.  She is very short.  Like a hobbit...
2.  She has expressive eyes.
3.  Don't think she looks anything like the pictures she puts on her blog.
4.  Her husband is wonderful and also a hobbit.
5.  He has very deep handsome brown eyes and I can see why she fell for him.
6.  She truly has a storage to die for.
7.  I loved her house and the lot  where she lived.
8.  She is much more sensitive and special than she lets on.

So there I blew her cover.
Here she is in her usual turtle pose, just her head in the frame, she looks nothing like this.

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  1. You and Sluggy together ... it just boggles the imagination! And she's a hobbit?? I like that in a person, seeing as how I'm all of 4'10" .. So glad you had a great trip!